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The Power of Personalization

Just how far can remembering someone's name really go?

Dear Amazing Reader,

This blog is a little story on the power of personalization. I promise it will all make sense and come together in the end, but it begins.....

with my skin.

After years of neglecting my skin, I decided this year I would try my best to take better care of it. After turning 32 in January, I realized that the more we neglect the little things, the more difficult they become to fix.

Prevention is always easier than correction, wouldn't you agree?

But on my journey to find the perfect place to pamper myself, I ended up finding a place that reminded me of the incredible power of personalization.

This blog is for any entrepreneur out there who is struggling to find that thing that makes them different.

The one who is trying to make their mark in a saturated market.

There is one thing that will always work.

One thing that will always "wow."

And one thing that will always make someone feel special.

That one thing is personalization.

The Sweetest Sound.

Have you ever heard that saying “A person's name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Well, I'm here to affirm, that it's so darn true!

Ever want to make someone feel magical? Just remember their name.

I learned this for myself back when we had our own store.

I was always a fan of how Starbucks would write your name on your order.

When we opened T By Daniel, we decided to take that one step further by adding an alliteration on our paper cups with the person's name.

Superstar Sarah. Adorable Alex. Majestic Mark.

You catch my drift.

Not only did this help us remember our customers' name, it also made them feel really special.

The reaction we got from customers was massive. Sometimes they would laugh. Sometimes they would cry. Sometimes they would tell us stories. Whatever the reaction, it always sparked a deeper connection with each person. And many of our reviews included how much they loved getting the cute name on their cups.

I loved that we could do that for people.

And I finally understood how it felt when someone did it for me

Say my name, say my name.

Remember my pursuit to take better care of my skin?

Here's how this all ties together.

I did end up finding a place, or rather, a person to help me on my skincare journey.

Skin Oasis Studio is the lovechild of Shikha the Skin Care Guru. Shikha is a passionate entrepreneur, who lives and breathes everything skin.

When she invited me to her studio, it felt like perfect timing.

I excitedly booked my appointment as soon as I could!

When I arrived, I walked into an oasis, literally. Hanging plants, a floating hammock swing, flowers on the wall, and pretty little things everywhere. I felt like a princess.

Shikha is incredibly warm. She welcomed me and I could instantly tell without talking to her, that she is someone who truly cares about people, and about connecting with others. The enviornment she created says it all.

Shikha cares about the details. From the aroma, to the decor, to the music, she created an entire sensory experience for her clients that you'll never forget.

But what got me the most, was that little sign that you see up there.

A little sign with a very simple yet special gesture.

"Welcome Renata Lewis."

"Wow," I thought.

"That's me."

"The girl who never has much time to pamper herself. Finally taking some time to pamper herself.

The girl who so desperately needs this "me" time.

The girl who just spent the last 9 months tending to the demands of a young baby.

Here I am, taking a moment just for me"

Of course Shikha didn't know how this would make me feel inside. Nor did she know how much this meant to me.

And that's really the power of personalization.

You just never know what someone is going through. But you can shine a little light in someone's day if you just take a moment to acknowledge them

Impact is simple

Everyone wants to be impactful. Everyone wants to do something special and unique in their world. Whether that's on the job, with you family, friends, or in your business. We all crave to do something that matters.

We often admire people who we think are making a difference, forgetting that we hold the ability to do the same, if we only take the time to really care.

Impact is not about the number of people you touch. It's about how deeply you touch the people around you.

It's not a hard thing to do, and there are always opportunities to make people feel valued, heard, and loved.

Personalization is a small but mighty gesture that you can apply to any business or in your life in general.

How, you ask?

Just care.

Care to remember someone's name.

Care to listen to what someone has to say.

Do the little things.

Bring your husband a glass of water.

Call your mom and tell her you love her.

Buy your best friend a card and to tell her you're thinking of her.

Put your phone down and spend a full uninterrupted hour with your children.

Talk to your customer.

Get to know them.

Ask them about their day, and mean it, with a ready listening ear to hear them out.

For the entrepreneur who is trying to find their way of standing out, I challenge you to go above and beyond for your customers, your followers, and your clients.

Let them know you see them, you hear them, and you want to make their life a little brighter, however you can.

I promise you it will bring a sense of fulfillment and purpose in everything you do!




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