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Afternoon Tea @ The Ritz Montreal

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

It was a beautiful crisp fall day when my bestie Nat and I decided to go for Afternoon Tea on the last day of our girls trip to Montreal.

We figured, hey, lets soak in the very last of our three-day adventure "sans" husbands and children.

It definitely ended up being the highlight of our entire stay.

As we exited the subway with our carry-on and jackets, we quickly hustled through the blistery wind and the five minute walk from Peel station to the Ritz. We were greeted with a welcoming "bonjour madame" from the very polite doorman who motioned us towards the front desk where they checked in our coats and bags.

As soon as you walk in you are simply left in awe of the gorgeous Palm Court, which is the first thing you see when you walk in. A gigantic mirror wall expands the entire room which is decorated with accents of gold, soft comfy chairs, white linens, and massive sparkly photos of Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. Talk about a bougie experience.

We were greeted by the hostess who sat us down in a comfy corner seat with plush sofas, and presented us with the menu.

Nat and I giggled, as we took our seat like two little nameless Duchesses' (we like to pretend she's Kate and I'm Meghan)

"What should I get?" coffee-loving Nat asked me as she browsed through the menu. After taking a good look at the options which included a peach-flavoured Bai Mu Dan, a Moroccan Mint, and a Masala Chai, I suggested a blend they call " The Tropical Green" a sencha with pineapple and papaya, to which the hostess exclaimed in her lovely French accent " Yes! This one is my favourite!"

I opted for the Lapsang Souchong, a Chinese black tea smoked over pinewood fire, cuz, why not!

It's afternoon tea at the Ritz.

They brought our tea in white teapots with a timer to ensure the absolute perfect brew.

Both blends were rich and flavourful. The sencha offering the beautiful tropical notes it described, and the smokey Lapsang was one of the best I have tried.

When they brought us our food, we were filled with deliciously warm cranberry scones served with Devonshire style cream and rose infused jams.

Nat, who was born in England couldn't keep her hands off these. She literally ate five!

On our second tier we enjoyed the most delicious little finger sandwiches including a smoked salmon option, dill cream on brioche bread, egg salad with pickled celery, & taragon on brioche bread, a herb fed chicken breast with coriander oil & mayo on milk bread, and a cucumber and mint cream on milk bread ( My afternoon tea lovers, are you drooling yet?)

They were all uniquely tasty but my go-to was the smoked salmon.

The pastries were all creations of Claude Guérin, who was named Best Pastry Chef in Canada in 2017, and they were delectable- especially the chocolatey flavoured ones ( anyone who knows me, knows I am THE ORIGINAL CHOCOLATE LOVER.)

We ate, till we couldn't eat anymore, drank two pots of tea, and talked about life, our trip, our kids, our work and pretty much everything. We almost stayed for the entire two hours, enjoying the final moments of our trip in absolute Ritz style.

The Ritz in Montreal opened it's doors in 1912, and a lovely friend who was watching our experience live on IG messaged me and said " Just imagine all the people, throughout all the years, who have sat where you are sitting and enjoyed a cup of tea." Her words made the experience just that much more magical.

If you are thinking of doing Afternoon Tea in Montreal, I definitely recommend you check out the Ritz. At only $36.00 I personally found the experience absolutely worth it. The atmosphere, combined with the great tea & food, was the perfect setting to connect and have amazing conversations over a great cuppa.

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